The Relaborate team is constantly finding compelling articles about business blogging, SEO and content marketing. Moving forward, we’ll highlight a few of our favorites frequently. Here are some of our favorite posts from the last seven days (or so):

Brianne Carlon of Kuno Creative makes a great point about how the long-tail benefits of content creation are applicable for all sales cycles.
Long-tail keywords are key in SEO. John Engle explains how best to utilize Long-Tail Keywords to generate traffic on his blog.
SEO experts are chiming in on the trending debate; “Is it better to focus on one keyword phrase per post or many?” WordPress seems to think one per post is better than many.
Steve Webb of Web Gnomes compiled a list of 33 free SEO tools you should know about.
Michele Linn dives into the problems with outsourcing your company’s voice to freelance writers.
Neil Patel, the VP of Marketing of KISSmetrics, wrote a great post on improving conversion rates of guest posts.
Tim Mullaney of explains how social media tools are “Reinventing how business is done.”
If you have a favorite we missed, or would like to let us know about something you posted yourself, add it to the comments section below, or send it to us via Twitter