In this week’s edition of our “Gems of the Week” we have assembled a list of articles that will help you refine your content marking efforts.

Adam Stetzer (@purdue512), Chad Hill (@ChadAHill) | Content Marketing Ideas [VIDEO]

Adam Stetzer and Chad Hill of HubShout put together an informative video-cast about starting a content marketing initiative inside your organization. Assessing your assets as a company is a great place to start. Here is a quote from the transcript by Adam Stetzer “So when you head into content marketing, you need to have something valuable to say or show. Look at your core assets. Try to think critically about what you know that other people don’t, so no matter what of these great, creative ideas you use as your mechanism, it has to be something that’s going to be valuable. How-to’s are a great place to start, because every business has information that they can share with others and stuff that other people need to know.” Adam and Chad pass along aditional sage advice in their video titled, “Content Marketing Ideas [VIDEO].”

Maggie Walsh (@maggie_seo) | 5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make With Content Marketing

There are a few pitfalls worth avoiding in the world of inbound marking. Maggie Walsh is an Internet marketing specialist for Vertical Measures. To help steer your efforts in the right direction Maggie put together a post that outlines the “5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make With Content Marketing.” Small things like providing factual research and providing a call to action can make a significant difference when it comes to squeezing the most value out of your inbound campaign.

Katherine Griwert (@kgriwert) | Content Marketing Recap: April 2013

Katherine Griwert returns for a repeat performance in the Gems of the Week. Brafton’s Head of Marketing posted an article this week recapping the recent trends in the content marketing industry. Content marketing is a relatively new science and as researches uncover more facts on the inbound marketing industry, it is important to come to new conclusions and continue to refine our craft. Katherine does a great job highlighting the latest findings in our industry and displays the supporting research in a manner that is easy to absorb in her latest post titled, “Content Marketing Recap: April 2013.”

Sam Davies (@Econsultancy)| What Exactly is Inbound Marketing? Part Two: The Nuts and Bolts

Sam Davies posted the second of his 2-part series on inbound marketing, to the Econsultancy blog. His first piece focused on, “The Concept of Inbound Marketing and the Philosophy Behind it.” In the second article Sam gets down to the “nuts and bolts” and explains best practices for putting the strategy into action. If you follow Sam’s 5-step process you should be well on your way towards implementing a sound content marketing strategy for your own company.

Shannon Johnson (@shannopop) | 4 Reasons Why Every Agency Needs to Offer an Inbound Marketing Assessment

Shannon Johnson is a content marketer for HubSpot, and posted a useful read to the Marketing Pilgrim Blog that explains the immense value agencies can provide their clients by offering a digital marketing plan. If companies can successfully couple the experience and thought leadership of their workforce with the rhetoric and aesthetic execution of an agency, the potential for incredible content is immense. Shannon explains specifically how agencies can benefit from extending their offering, in her article, “4 Reasons Why Every Agency Needs to Offer an Inbound Marketing Assessment.”

That wraps up this edition of our “Content Marketing Gems of the Week.” If there is anything you think we should highlight but missed, let us know in the comment section below.