I was at the Seattle Interactive Conference a couple of weeks ago, watching my friend Leigh McMillan of Avvo present on the importance of Q+A in online marketing.

Something about her slides struck me, and it took me a while to figure it out. But then the light bulb snapped on.

She wasn’t using Powerpoint or Keynote. She built her presentation using Haiku Deck.

And Leigh’s not alone. According to experienced marketer Virl Hill, “Everyone on Mercer Island and the Eastside is starting to use Haiku Deck. It’s becoming a phenomenon.”

So what is Haiku Deck? If you take the marketing copy straight from their site,

“Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement, it’s fast, fun and simple for anyone to use.”

And it’s not just Seattleites who are noticing this trend. In September, Lifehacker sung its praises in an article entitled, “Haiku Deck Is The Easiest Way to Create Gorgeous Presentations with an iPad.” They said,”Most importantly, the presentations Haiku Deck creates are simply stunning. Audiences will be grateful you use this app; rather than slides stuffed with too many ideas, ugly clipart, and other hallmarks of terrible business presentations, the Haiku Deck slides are elegant and emphasize your points.”

So what makes Haiku Deck different? Most importantly, none of the other products that exist today help you to solve the fundamental problem. Helping you to simply create beautiful presentations. Other innovations in the category can make the process more complicated.

Haiku Deck CEO Adam Tratt has another reason to explain the product’s success.

“We’re relentlessly focused on making the experience simple and fun and the results flawless beautiful. We believe storytelling is fundamental to who we are as a species. Like most other people, we are frustrated with the technology for doing this and with Haiku Deck aim to return some joy to the process of sharing a story, promoting and idea, or teaching a lesson.”

If you have an iPad, give Haiku Deck a try. It’s great for not just your traditional powerpoint-type presentations, but also for illustrating blog posts, teaching lessons, or brainstorming. And let us know if you have created a presentation recently using Haiku Deck. We’d love to show it as an example here.