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“The devil is in the details.” The difference between great content marketing teams and ones that spin their wheels comes down to the way they execute their strategies. In this week’s version of “Content Marketing Gems of the Week” we have collected a list of articles that will help you execute your content marketing programs efficiently and effectively. Enjoy!

Nicole Belanger (@nskbelanger) | Quality vs. Quantity: Why the Right Mixture of Content Matters

The quality of the content you produce should always be more important than the quantity. That being said, a truly successful content marketing strategy requires a healthy balance of both. Nicole Belanger of Onboardly wrote a great post this week on, “Quality vs. Quantity: Why the Right Mixture of Content Matters.”

Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs) | 3 Content Marketing Lessons From Big Brands

Most brands lack the Red Bull sized marketing budget to fly a man in a shuttle to outer-space so that he can free-fall back to earth. Despite the vast gap in our budgets, Ann Handley of Marketing Profs points out that their is still plenty we can take away from theses big brands’ marketing efforts. Ann posted a engaging article this week to titled, “3 Content Marketing Lessons From Big Brands.”

Steven Macdonald (@StevenMacd0nald) | 20 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic, Engagement and Sales

Steven Macdonald is in charge of global SEO for SuperOffice. Steven has a deep understanding of how the nuances of content marketing can have a major effect on how impactful your content can be. Steven helps you refine you content marketing execution with his most recent post to the Search Engine Journal titled, “20 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic, Engagement and Sales.”

Jason Delodovici (@jdelodovici) | 7 Steps to Create a Viral Blog Post

There are a few basic principals that you can apply to your corporate blogging that make will make a huge impact on the reach of your content. Jason Delodovici is an influential digital marketer living in the heart of America’s tech hub (San Francisco). In an article this week Jason breaks down his, “ 7 Steps to Create a Viral Blog Post.” A few of these steps might seem a bit obvious, but you would be amazed by how many notable brands fail to execute on all 7 of Jason’s steps.

Ann Smarty (@myblogguest) | 5 Reasons to Use Images for Content Marketing

Many content marketing gurus have emphasized the importance of media rich content. The more links, images, and media in your posts the more that content gets shared, linked to, and consumed. To prove the marketing theory Ann Smarty compiled some telling facts in her post, “5 Reasons to Use Images for Content Marketing.”

That wraps up this edition of our “Content Marketing Gems of the Week.” If there is anything you think we should highlight but missed, let us know in the comment section below.