Content Marketing is a strategy that needs to be executed the correct way. In this week’s version of “Content Marketing Gems of the Week” we are featuring articles highlighting best practices for getting the most out of your content marketing. Enjoy!

Brian Clark (@copyblogger) | 5 Traits All Successful Content Marketers Share

Writing for a brand is quite different than writing for your personal blog. Carrying the voice of your brand in a engaging and informative manner can be intimidating. The Founder of Copyblogger, Brian Clark, helps explain how to maintain a professional brand voice in his article, “5 Traits All Successful Content Marketers Share.”

Laney Whitcanack (@lanestar1) | The 3 Cs of Content Marketing

Most of you marketers might remember the 4 P’s of marketing, but I doubt many know the 3 C’s of Content Marketing. Laney Whitcanack would argue that with out a focus on the all three C’s, your content marketing efforts are in vain. No need to worry, Laney will fill you in on, “The 3 Cs of Content Marketing.”

WENDY MARX (@wendymarx) | Is Useful Marketing Content Your Priority? It Should Be.

There are a number of questions to internalize before building a solid content marketing strategy for your brand. It is important to clarify a larger goal, and to set milestones to reach along your journey. Wendy Marx provides us with 4 things to think about when devising your own brand’s plan of action, in her article on the Fast Company blog; “A Basic Game Plan For Content Marketing Done Right.”

Tommy Walker (@tommyismyname) | Top 10 Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes, and How to Correct Them

I discovered some great articles this week, but this one stood out. Tommy Walker posted the final chapter to a 3 part blog series identifying 10 common content marketing mistakes/misnomers. Tommy not only points out where marketers are going wrong, he provides some constructive guidance to help correct your brand’s content marketing execution moving forward. The name of the article is ”Top 10 Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes, and How to Correct Them.” Make sure to read the first and second installments to gain all of the info needed to optimize your efforts.

Laura Lippay (@lauralippay), Brafton (@Brafton) | Why Content Marketing is the Only Link Building That Counts

As search engines continue to perfect their algorithms, the black-hat link building methods of the past have fallen by the wayside. While content marketing might require more effort and strategy then some basic SEO tricks, the results are undeniable. The Braften editorial team compiled a terrific post summarizing Laura Lippay’s presentation at the SES New York session, “Content Marketing: How to Earn Visibility & Links through Killer Content Strategy.” The name of the article is; “Why Content Marketing is the Only Link Building That Counts.”

That wraps up this edition of our “Content Marketing Gems of the Week.” If there is anything you think we should highlight but missed, let us know in the comment section below.