We have compiled a few top-notch articles to help satiate your thirst for content marketing knowledge, in this week’s edition of ”Content Marketing Gems of the Week.” Enjoy!

Edwina Lawry (@king_content) | 5 Lessons on Compelling Content from Australian Football

Walking the line between informative and engaging is something most brands struggle with. Edwina Lawry not only provides some intelligent insights about content marketing best practices, but she is able to present them in a fun and enjoyable way. Her article for the Content Marketing Institute is titled “5 Lessons on Compelling Content From Australian Football.”

Kumail Hemani ( @KRHemani) | Creating Content For Earning Links

Kumail Hemani is a SEO strategist for Invortex Technologies and writes for the Search Engine Journal. It is safe to say Kumail knows a thing or two about link building. He has studied Google’s algorithms and does a great job explaining the power behind “Creating Content For Earning Links.”

Todd Wasserman (@ToddWasserman) | Should Brands Have Editorial Calendars?

When a few smart marketers, outside of those who could afford to pay for advertising, saw the Academy Awards as a marketing opportunity, Todd Wasserman took notice. Todd answers the question “Should Brands Have Editorial Calendars?” in his latest article for Mashable.

Ayelet Noff’s (@blonde20) | Align Content Strategy with Brand Values and Consumer Identity

The voice of your brand needs to be one that your consumers identify with, and respect. Ayelet Noff’s article this week on Social Media Today covers this vary same topic, “Align Content Strategy with Brand Values and Consumer Identity.”

Randell Suba’s (@WritePackMedia) | Google+ Growth Establishes Social Network as Mainstream Marketing Channel for Brands

Between authorship, SEO benefits, YouTube integration, and its growth in userbase, Google+ is becoming a very valuable platform for brands to develop a presence on. Randell Suba’s article “Google+ Growth Establishes Social Network as Mainstream Marketing Channel for Brands“ covers the platform’s rise in corporate validity.

Laura Patterson (@LauraVEM) | Managing Marketing Content Across the Customer Lifecycle

Understanding a brand’s Customer Lifecycle has helped marketers make intelligent decisions for decades. Laura Patterson explains how the same practice should be applied when deciding what content to produce and where to syndicate it. Her article for MarketingProfs is entitled, “Managing Marketing Content Across the Customer Lifecycle.“

That wraps up this edition of our Content Marketing Gems of the Week. If there are any gems we missed, let us know in the comment section below.