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Managing Your Career – Become Invaluable By Blogging


If your company isn’t using Facebook or Twitter these days, you probably don’t even have a web site. Just about everyone doing anything online has at least created a presence for themselves in social channels.

Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone is being useful on social media. Your social channels could be an afterthought to your VP of Marketing, who ships the responsibility down the line to whoever “seems like they would be good at it.”

So what do you do if you are holding the keys to social media channels that people in your company don’t care that much about? Well my young friends, you may not realize it but you have been given a huge opportunity.

It’s time to switch what the old folks call you from “The Twitter Guy.” Look big picture, and see your new role for what it is.

First off, you need content to tweet or post. And what is more powerful that tweeting a link to an article you have written for the company blog?

So, how do you get content for the blog post? You may only have 6-12 months experience in your field. Well, if you don’t have the experience you need, then you need to access your senior people for insights. Explain to your boss that if she will give you some intros to other senio people, you’ll be able to write for the blog, which will give you content to tweet and post. Now, you have access to superiors that your fellow junior colleagues don’t.

Finally, you’ll have 2 things after your posts – data and good news. Often, these things will come in a single package. There’s nothing senior leadership likes more than good news accompanied by data. Not only do they love to read it, they love to forward it to the CEO and try to take credit for it. You’ll be the person making your upper bosses look good. The secret to being invaluable is making good things happen and proving how good they were, especially when your bosses don’t understand how you are doing it.

So, don’t be scared or annoyed about this extra task on your to do list. Change the way your company thinks about social, by building a solid content marketing strategy. Then, get your big promotion and punt the tweeting to the first person you get to hire under you.

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Gems of the Week | In Praise of Long Form Content

In this week’s edition of “Content Marketing Gems of the Week” we have compiled a list of articles that span a wide range of experts. This week we focus on posts that explain how to build systems and processes so you can develop first-class, long form content. Enjoy!

Marc Purtell (@MarcPurtell) | How to Generate Leads with a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing has been gaining tremendous traction due to its ability to help fill the sales funnel with highly targeted leads. Yet despite its cost effective nature, there are many brands that fail in their attempt to implement a winning strategy of their own. The CEO of MediaWhiz, Marc Purtell, presents 10 best practices to help ensure that your brands strategy is a success, in his article, “How to Generate Leads with a Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.”

Sam Slaughter (@samslaughter215) | Can Content Marketing Save Journalism?

The VP of Content at Contently, Sam Slaughter, wrote a guest post on Mashable covering the momentous shift brands are making towards content marketing (aka native advertising). Sam tells the story of how the larger brands began hiring publishing icons to form in-house editorial teams and the investment is paying off in a major way. Smaller brands are now following suit by expanding current roles and focusing their own marketing assets on creating better content for their own sites. Read the full article on Mashable: “Can Content Marketing Save Journalism?”

Gigi Griffis (@gigigriffis) | Is Useful Marketing Content Your Priority? It Should Be.

Great article Gigi, I couldn’t agree more. Google and Bing index who is sharing and linking to your content, how long people are staying on your content, and other criteria. You get out of content marketing what you put into in. Gigi Griffi’s explains how an insightful, researched approach can go along way in her article titled, “Is Useful Marketing Content Your Priority? It Should Be.”

Allen Weiner (@allenweiner) | Understanding the Art and Science of Content Marketing

nikeAllen Wieiner is a research Vice President at Gartner. Allen believes that in order for brands to become effective content marketers they need to learn from publishers and implement similar workflow systems. He believes brands would also benefit from replicating their own version of an editorial newsroom. Read Allen’s latest article on the Guardian in order to; “Understanding the art and science of content marketing.”

John Doherty (@dohertyjf) | In Praise of “The Long Thought

John Doherty is a head consultant at Distilled and a big fan of well researched, long-form content. With so much noise on the internet and so many avenues to express ones thoughts, the the only differentiator that truly matters is the the quality of the content you publish. John does a great job explaining how rich, researched content is worth the time you put into it. If you want to push out speedy shallow content you will simply be spinning your wheels. John provides a guide to making your content special, memorable, helpful and ascetically pleasing in his piece “In Praise of “The Long Thought.”

That wraps up this edition of our Content Marketing Gems of the Week. If there is anything you think we should highlight but missed, let us know in the comment section below.

Read also Managing Your Career – Become Invaluable By Blogging