Companies that are creating, optimizing and promoting their blogs receive 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t. On that note, besides creating quality content and using engaging headlines, I’d like to share a few other tips on how to get the most out of promoting your blog posts on the social web.

Getting more clicks on Facebook

When sharing your content on Facebook, it is encouraged to upload a photo instead of just posting a link. According to Hubspot, photos on Facebook Generate more engagement (and more clicks, if the image is linked out to a page).

facebook photos engagement chart

When it makes sense to share your blog post to a Facebook page, make sure you provide some context explaining what’s interesting or useful, and why readers should click over to your site. Also, posting about your article more than once is not a good idea on Facebook. Obviously, Facebookers don’t appreciate spam or over-promotion, and it can hurt your Edgerank.

Getting more clicks on Twitter

Twitter is a river of content madness. Contrary to Facebook, if you want to get traction from this platform it’s advised that you promote your content multiple times. Twitter is ephemeral – not all of your followers are going to see your tweets each time you post. Thus, it’s useful to tweet out your link more than once, spaced out over time. Plus, it’s important to change the messaging of each tweet, and not just re-use the original tweet. You can be clever in how you change the text in 2nd and 3rd tweets. For example, “For our friends in Europe who may have missed this…” or “We’ve had great response to this post ……. Would love to hear your thoughts as well.” The more conversational you can be, the better results you will generate.

Now, here is a quick tip I learned from CEO Rand Fishkin , and confirmed by DanZarrella‘s chart below. Where you place the link of your blog post in your tweet has an impact on the number of people that click on it. Knowing this, experiment with link placement in your tweets to get the most out of promoting on Twitter.

twitter ctr heat map

The other channel I wanted to cover was LinkedIn, but I haven’t yet found any data or experimented enough with CTR strategies on this platform to share any tips.

If you’re stopping by this post and have some LinkedIn tips for higher click through rate, (not on ads) but profile and page updates, please share them in the comments below. Collaboration is key for success! 🙂

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