7 Top Content Marketing Reads From June 8 – June 14


As we’ve mentioned in the past, we perform a lot of research on the latest content marketing, blog, SEO, and social media tools, trends, studies, and articles. Sometimes these findings spur new ideas or generate a different conversation about which we end up blogging. And sometimes, like today, we like to highlight the articles just as is.

We hope you enjoy reading some of these weekly finds, and maybe learn a thing or two, as we have here at Relaborate.

Sam Laird on Mashable explains Facebook’s new tool that allows you to publish WordPress blog posts to Mr. Zuckerberg’s site with one click: Facebook Launches WordPress Tool, Makes Blogging More Social

If you’re looking for ideas on what categories of content you should produce, Scott Aughtmon on Content Marketing Institute’s site publishes a great infographic: 21 Types of Content We Crave

Marketers at smaller companies, regardless of B2B or B2C, typically need a few shortcuts or helpful tools to manage everything that’s going on in their marketing world. The complexity and opportunities have only increased with the advent of social networks. Alicia Ranch-Traille on Business2Community highlights 5 Cool Social Media Tools to Help You Expand Your Small Business

Yeah, so what do you write? You’re staring at a blank sheet of paper (or WordPress, or MS Word, or TextEdit). You’ve got your day job, so it’s not like you can spend all day coming up with great ideas or writing great prose. Stephen Pepper of Youth Workin’ It gives us a list of 20 ideas, published on ProBlogger: The Only Blog Post Idea List You’ll Ever Need

You’re still having trouble coming up with content ideas? Well, Jennifer Grassman of SeeTalkGrow says everybody has something to say, possessing experience, knowledge and expertise: Blogging your business: 10 blogs you can write right now

Are you a B2B marketer? You already realize there’s a treasure trove of useful information on LinkedIn. The question is, how do you get that information and use it to your benefit? Some of the most valuable data is locked behind LinkedIn’s “pay wall.” While this article wonders if the premium memberships are worthwhile for job seekers, the Reuters Money article by Lou Carlozo does a good job of telling what you get. Your Money: Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

Meanwhile, Zach Bulygo of Kiss Metrics highlights the amazing growth of Dropbox, and the holes they filled where competitors had left themselves exposed. Here’s a hint, they accomplished this meteoric rise without much help or spend on advertising: The 7 Ways Dropbox Hacked Growth to Become a $4 Billion Company
As always, if you liked any of these articles, or we missed even better ones this week, please let us know. Until next week’s list of articles, enjoy your reading, and get blogging today.

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